Madhubani Hand painted Fridge Magnet


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Choose to be the new trendsetter by picking up from nature for your brother! Handcrafted, eco friendly, reusable Sa Re Ga Ma Ganesha fridge magnet by Gilahri's. Each piece is designed as a tribute to the Indian Handicrafts, using environmentally responsible materials. 

This item costed $7 for us. It is priced to raise funds for Stray Animal Foundation of India. Raised amount used for our animals vaccinations, foster care.

Traced back to the time of Ramayan- the epic, when for the wedding of his daughter Sita, to Lord Ram, King Janaka ordered his kingdom to decorate the town. The town was then painted in the visuals of the weddings, in the painting style, popularly known as Madhubani painting today. The captivating art is practiced majorly by women artisans in the Mithila region of Bihar, a city in the eastern region of India. Usually bright colors are used in these paintings, having natural pigments with an outline made from rice paste as its framework. 

Let us do our bit to sustain and promote this! 

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