Premium Indian Laddus For Every Celebration

Vegan • All-Natural • No artificial colors or flavors • No artificial sweeteners • No preservatives • Cruelty-free • Ayurvedic

Made with Carefully chosen healthy Ingredients

Meticulously handcrafted by expert artisans from India. •High Protein •Low carb •Healthy fats •100% Natural •100% Tasty •100% Authentic •Made in USA •2 Bites size

Feast here, save an animal there.

We donate 100% profits to Stray Animal Foundation of India. The Laddu House is founded to save animals.

Our Commitment

As a brand loved by many, we are relentlessly working towards creating nothing but the best Indian sweets in town with the utmost care for your health and needs. More nutrients, Ayurvedic benefits, fresh and natural ingredients combined with local artisan vegan ingredients are used to prepare premium Indian sweets at the Laddu house.

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