Almond, ginger, hemp, turmeric laddu


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Almond, ginger, hemp, turmeric laddu
Almond, ginger, hemp, turmeric laddu

The almond laddu is not one of the traditional Indian sweets, yet is sure to hit the palate with its rich flavor and aroma. Our sweet makers prepare this Laddu as per the traditional recipes with 100% fresh, grass-fed ghee. Let the healthy delicacy jump into your mouth! The shelf life is 3 months, which can be extended by storing in the refrigerator. Just look at all the minerals, super rich nutrients!

No Refined sugar! No artificial flavors! No colors! No chemicals! Non-preservatives!
Order Indian sweets online today!  Handcrafted in USA. 

Ingredients: Almonds, Hemp hearts, Organic pure turmeric, dried ginger, brown sugar (sugar, molasses), 100% grass-fed ghee,
Contains Almonds and dairy

Order 10 or 20 laddu box. Our laddu's are on smaller size which are around 2 bites. 

Optionally you can add Ayurveda elements. In this we will add ~2gr of Ashwagandha, Bramhi, Manjishta and Triphala powders all together in 10 Laddus. Adding does not change the taste of original product. 

Disclaimer: The Ayurvedic elements are not tested on pregnant and breast feeding mothers. Ayurveda cautions pregnant and breast mothers. Though there were no proven side effects.

This Laddu is rated 2 out of 5 on healthy scale where 1 being very healthy, 5 not so healthy. This Ladd is Low carb, high Vitamin E, high riboflavin, high in good fats, high minerals, medium protein, moderate omega-3 and omega-6, moderate vitamins, moderate in sugars. 

Almond, ginger, hemp, turmeric laddu
Almond, ginger, hemp, turmeric laddu

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