Sesame, almonds laddu


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Sesame, almonds laddu
Sesame, almonds laddu

The traditional Sesame Almonds Laddu is made from the highest quality sesame seeds, almonds and 100% pure grass-fed, cruelty-free ghee. With a soft bite and a delicious crunch, this mouthwatering laddu is a favorite among kids and serving the sesame almonds Laddu during any festive occasion will make your guests say Wow! This laddu offers many health benefits – it helps lower blood pressure and it is good for bones as it is a rich source of zinc. The ladoo holds a shelf life of three months and is roasted, ground in-house for peak freshness.

This is one such traditional Ayurveda sweets, which was traditionally used during pilgrimages in previous days.

No Refined sugar! No artificial flavors! No colors! No chemicals! No preservatives!
We ship all-natural sweets in an eco-friendly package. Order laddu now!

Ingredients: sesame seeds, almonds, 100% grass-fed ghee, brown sugar, cardamom, maple syrup

Contains almonds, cashews and dairy

This box contains 10 Laddus.

Ayurveda elements option - we will add ~1.5gr of Ashwagandha, Bramhi, Manjishta and Triphala powders all together in 10 Laddus. Adding does not change the taste of original product. 

Sesame, almonds laddu
Sesame, almonds laddu

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